Marketing 14 credit hours


SN Course Code Specialization Course Title
1 MK-531 Specialization I Consumer Behaviour
2 MK-532 Specialization II Marketing Research

Semester-4(Any Two and Seminar Course)

SN Course Code Specialization Course Title
1 MK-543 Specialization III Planning and Managing Retail Business
2 MK-544 Specialization III Sales and Distribution Management
3 MK-545 Specialization IV Servies and Industrial Marketing
4 MK-546 Specialization IV Advertising Management
5 MK-547 Specialization Seminar Seminar on Marketing(By College)

*To conduct any specialization course the school expects at least 10 students. However, conduction of the specialization course depends upon availability of the resource person.


In case a student fails to secure 16 out of 40 for MBA in the internal assessment (all four components taken together), he/she shall not be allowed to appear for the Semester end examination. If candidate is not appearing in internal examination, she/he will be allowed one more chance to appear for retest and her/his passing marks (actual marks obtained in retest or passing marks whichever is less) will be considered for grade only.