College Infrastructure/Facilities
Across our campus, we have a whole host of specialist facilities and learning spaces.
We have excellent sports and fitness facilities on site, as well as our computer labs and bus services. The Spacious Conference Hall hosts fantastic shows and there’s also a well-stocked library and learning resource centre.
1) Library
DAV owns a well-equipped library with an extensive range of reference books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, educational CDs, computer workstations. The computer aided referencing system enables students to find books of their choice. As part of the focus on E-learning, students are encouraged to use Internet and to access online international libraries for information.
2) Cafeteria
3) Classroom
Our classrooms, with a capacity of 35 seats are spacious and well-ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting. Ergonomically designed furniture, a combination of green glass and white boards, display boards, teaching aids enhance the learning process. The classrooms best suit the students' need.
4) Basketball
DAV has three basketball Court in different blocks of DAVSKVB School. Both boys and girls students are given equal opportunity to play and practice basketball during sports period. To master in basketball, the sports club regularly organizes inter-section and inter-house basketball tournaments for students.
5) Table Tennis
DAV provides facilities to practice table tennis for the students in various places almost in all the blocks of the college . Moreover, DAV Open GYM has provided waterproof table tennis board facilities to the students. However, DAV has developed table tennis widely as an indoor game in Indu Hall and Pratik Hall where various inter-section and inter- college tournaments are organized periodically by the sports department in collaboration with sports club.
6) Conference Hall
A conference hall, conference room, or meeting room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings.
7) Open Gym
DAV Open Gym provides the facilities such as elliptical crops trainer, pull chair, air walker, pull up, hanging round bar, hip twister, push chair, upper limb stretcher, leg press, stationary bike, taichi spinner, etc. DAV Open Gym’s sophisticated equipments have been serving the students to maintain their physically finess since its inception. All the equipments provide a written guideline to use them properly.
8) Buddha Hall
9) Jetwan Hall
10) Sujata Hall
11) Pratik hall
12) Futsal
13) Computer Lab
These labs are well-equipped with internet and multimedia. Each student get separate computers in lab.