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Greetings from the executives

We would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in the MBA Program offered by D.A.V. Business School. Since its inception, D.A.V. Business School has been successful in establishing a bench mark in the field of education for its excellence and quality that has enabled the school to reach new height.
We take great pleasure to thank you for choosing to study at D.A.V. Business School. In the present age of globalization, innovation is a major driving force to achieve competitive advantage creating opportunities for every individual. The growth in several sectors gives a clear picture of tremendous potential of the growing employment opportunities in business and management field. D.A.V. Business School is a platform where in we strive and aspire to build skillful manpower and business leaders thereby ensuring overall development of character in our students in the state of the art teaching environment in Nepal.
The MBA program offered at D.A.V. is recognized internationally which will certainly take your business experience and develops it in a rigorous academic framework, enhancing your ability to perform at managerial level. The programs offered are of high academic standard and are taught by experienced professionals and academicians that have had international business exposure.
MBA is not simply building strong professional leaders for corporate world but also producing competent individuals for the contemporary global market. D.A.V. Business School recognizes this requirement and thus puts emphasis on the cultivation of social and academic excellence with a firm belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity so as to flourish Nepal in terms of the development of business.
We would, therefore, like to invite all promising graduates to D.A.V. Business School to explore and discover your potentialities for accomplishing your ultimate goals and materialize long-cherished dreams.

We wish you every success.

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