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Words from chairman

I firmly believe, we people of present and the prospective world are and will no more be the citizen of a nation. We are and will be a global citizen. We have no other option than to face keen competition and the challenges from the people around the globe.Thus, as a global citizen, we must have the ability to compete and sustain in the global market.
I myself, being an entrepreneur and an employer, I know what it all needs to be an entrepreneur and what makes an individual a highly skilled professional or an expert. Understanding all these we, at D.A.V., create entrepreneurs and professionals, who can adopt and survive the changes, maintain the growth and sustain it in today's dynamic world.
At D.A.V., we don't teach, we inspire. Besides all the essential hard and soft skills, we inspire and create passion & zeal within the young entrepreneurs and professionals. As said by Albert Einstein, Imagination is one's power. We inspire to imagine and dream and give the skills to achieve those imagination & dreams.
This is D.A.V. 's excellence and by choosing D.A.V., you all have made best decisions of your life and you will feel proud of it.

Good Luck !

Anil Kedia

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