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Infrastructure at DAV Business School
Without tool, learning is incomplete. The school provides its students and faculty all the requisite facilities to help in their quest for knowledge. Set amidst a sprawling area, it is centrally located. It is geared towards helping its members learn more thoroughly, understand more deeply and implement more comprehensively. Its state of art IT facilities are perhaps the best in the country. It is Wi-Fi enabled campus amongst comparable business schools hours. Printer facility is provided in the computer centre, high speed internet, highly resourceful intranet, sharing software, and internal messenger make all work easier and quicker.

A host of sporting facilities are also at the disposal of the students- after all mush is to be learnt from that arena. With a choice of comprehensive range of individual and team sports, a student of D.A.V. is a balanced individual who understands the benefits of leisure as well as he does the rewards of work well done.

The library of the business school characterizes what the business school stands for – accessibility, vision and excellence. This spacious and extremely well stacked business school’s library is regularly updated with the latest journals and newsletters. It is a repository of knowledge of both historical and current.

The classrooms of the business school are spacious with maintained, comfortable and attractive furniture. The classrooms also has inbuilt LED television and A/c.

Also, the managed cafeteria is designed to provide hygienic, fresh and sanitized food items including cold and hot drinking drinks, snacks and lunch/dinner for the students on their demand.

The School also offers transportation facilities to its students. The transportation arrangement has been made with its own buses which can be used by the student for each and every route.

DAV encourages students to participate in sport, both indoor and outdoor including cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, football and music at DAV complex.

There is 24 hours round the clock security having CCTV observation form crime detection and prevention.
Medical facilities are available in the college premises for all minor injuries throughout the year during college hours. Beside these, basic health services are also provided to the students through the permanent staff nurse.
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