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Few Words from Research Cell
It can be understood that choosing an MBA program can be an overwhelming experience. We all are aware that the world market is changing at great speed compelling business professionals to think creatively and react strategically to gain and sustain competitive advantages. Hence, broadening horizons of your experience and understanding, alongside enhancing your skills are keys for you to make a difference as a global leader.
A Research Cell in an academia that generates thought-provoking ideas which questions and influences the intellectual milieu. Good research depends on an informed reading of pre-existing ideas belonging to various disciplines in order to generate innovative insights. Therefore, at D.A.V. we are committed in imparting academic excellence in order to develop cutting edge competent business professionals and entrepreneurs.
Furthermore, D.A.V. Research Cell has been designed to support MBA students by providing fundamentals of research and innovation, discussion on burning issues, socio-economic analysis on different potential areas of management and development with a sole motive to equip you with the knowledge to function in a variety of areas and to cope in diverse and challenging environments.
Moreover, our approach is not simply about producing leaders having the right ethics but about how leaders act in a situation that challenges these ethics. Hence, the Research Cell caters the need of the 21st Century by providing you with the tools and expertise to equip you for your place in the world. It is based on the solid foundation on teaching-learning methodologies, competent market driven faculties, regular interaction with professionals, national and international guest professors, live cases discussion and individual as well as team synopsis presentation there by placing D.A.V. ‘ s MBA program at the forefront of Nepalese Academia.

We wish you every success.
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